Linda when she's not working
Linda when she's not working
Linda Dunscombe - Writer
 Linda Dunscombe - Writer

About Me

My name is Linda Dunscombe. 

I am a writer, scriptwriter, and Film Producer living in Milton Keynes. 

I have an MA in TV Scriptwriting and graduated in 2009 with a distinction. Since then, I have been busy with teaching and with writing. I have won prizes for fiction and I co-wrote the Brit Awards winning memoir Madam with the lovely and infamous Becky Adams.

I created the eBook soap opera JASMINE CLOSE, and there are 25 Episodes in Series One available from Amazon. I ghost/over write fiction and non-fiction and my latest commission is available on the link at the side.


I studied for an MA in TV Scriptwriting at DeMontfort University Leicester and graduated with a distinction. I am an experienced writer with a passion for drama. I have won prizes for prose fiction and was a runner-up in the 2005 British Short Screenplay competition organised by Kaos Films.


I write because I have to. My head is always full of characters and scenes. If I don’t commit them to Word or Final Draft, I’m sure I will end up going insane. I also write because I love stories and people. Books, films, TV and chocolate are what life is all about.


I enjoy a variety of reading and viewing interests. I like thrillers and crime. I enjoy comedy and drama, especially if they are combined. My favourite author is Lee Child. I think his character, Jack Reacher, is a fictional masterpiece. I love watching fantasy and sci-fi. My favourite TV is Dr Who, Torchwood, Merlin, Game of Thrones, Spooks, Downton Abbey, Holby Blue, Neighbours, The Mentalist, Star Trek and all the costume dramas. The best films ever are Lord of the Rings (all three) and Franco Zeffirelli’s, Romeo and Juliet.


I am interested in social issues, particularly those that affect the disabled and their carers. My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when he was just twenty nine and I was twenty four. MS and its accompanying wheelchair forced us to see life from a very different perspective to the one that we had always imgined.


I like to push and challenge myself with writing and I try different forms and genres. I find I’m drawn to crime and the darker side of life but I have also enjoyed writing romance and comedy. I love teenagers, they make great fiction. I love the passion, the self focus and the drama of their lives.


Writing ‘Madam’ with Becky Adams was a mixture of fun and agony. It was certainly an education. I laughed, I cried and I learnt about a world that existed alongside my own and yet I had been blind and oblivious to.


What’s next? Well maybe a sequel to ‘Madam’ or the screenplay?


I’m writing a crime novel and working on a comedy drama script and, of course, more teaching...


Who knows who might walk into my next lesson?  

Linda Dunscombe


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Nobody wakes up one

day and thinks,

'I know, I'll run a brothel!'

It was more a case of stumbling, quite by accident into the profession.

Madam is a riotously funny and touching peek through the keyhole of provincial massage parlours.

Becky Adams escorts you through her memoirs, from her challenging childhood

to brothel keeping in Buckinghamshire.

Her outrageous story is a witty and thought provoking tale of betrayal, friendship, love and loyalty. From saucy scandals and soft toys, to raids, robberies and ‘fancy fetishes’ all accompanied

by a nice cup of tea and a ginger nut biscuit.

The truth really is stranger than fiction.

The Lost Engine
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